A bathroom may seem insignificant and like it would be a good area to cut costs, but we think the opposite! Your bathroom is often your only escape, so why wouldn’t you invest in it to make it the perfect getaway? You can trust Jorndt Fahey LLC to make your bathroom your own private oasis. When it comes to designing a custom bathroom the details are the most important parts. Choosing tile combinations, fixtures, and flooring can make or break the room. Everything has to be seamless and flow with each other to prevent a messy and cluttered space. Picking an accent tile like the white and grey mandala tiles makes a statement when you aren’t working with a large amount of space! Our team is ready to walk with you every step of the way with each of these decisions! Contact us today to set up a consultation and create your perfect, quaint, quiet space now!

Custom Tiled Showers

Picking tile can be an extremely stressful and lengthy process, even though it doesn’t have to be! After a consultation to get to know you and your style, our professional designers will help slim down the hundreds of choices you have because designing a bathroom should never be agonizing! Don’t put yourself or your family through that pain, let Jorndt Fahey take care of the tough parts so you can just sit back and enjoy your luxury new bathroom!

Custom Vanities

There are many different kinds of vanities out there. Floating, claw foot, single sink, double sink, lots of storage, no storage, modern, minimalistic, and that’s just to name a few! Picking a vanity may not be as easy as choosing one from a book. At Jorndt Fahey, we want every part of your home to be perfect, that’s why we love designing custom pieces like vanities for our clients! 

Custom Flooring

Who says you can’t have a little fun with flooring? Not us! We love custom flooring layouts to add a little bit of fun, especially if you’re low on space! Adding in a painted tile or switching it up from a basic pattern can make a cramped space feel much more inviting and unique! With countless options on color, texture, or design you can have as much or as little fun with your flooring as you’d like!

Custom Lighting

Lighting is one of the more important elements of any luxury bathroom. Adding various lighting options makes your space functional for both relaxing and getting ready for your day! Dimming switches can help make your bathroom calm and rejuvenating, and brighter lights help give you a little assistance when doing your hair or makeup! Adding in windows is a huge step in getting better light in your bathroom because natural light will always be best!

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